LED Starlight Dancefloor for Hire*


LED Starlight Dancefloor (also know as LED Dancefloor)


2L DJs


  • available in black or white
  • LED starlight speeds can be controlled from a wireless remote
  • we can also attach a walk way to the dancefloor
  • size can vary dependent on your requirements
  • 16 ft x 16ft (maximum size available is 26ft x 26ft)
  • Indoor Use Only
  • 6 hour booking duration (additional costs may apply for extended hours)

Total: £500 + Travel

+ £50 to increase size to 18ft x 18ft
+ £100 to increase size to 20ft x 20ft
+ £150 to increase size to 22ft x 22ft
+ £200 to increase size to 24ft x 24ft
+ £250 to increase size to 26ft x 26ft
+ £200 for a walk way to be attached to the dancefloor


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*please note that these are guide prices and do not include travel costs. This service is also offered, as a brokerage service and a third party company will be used to offer this service. 2L Entertainments will be your main contact prior to your event date. Any queries on the day of event or after the day of event are to be directed to the third party company directly. Services are also subject to availability and package contents may change as and when required. Due to the nature of this service, please note that we cannot guarantee the LED floors to stay in operation throughout the whole event. It is recommended to have the dancefloor situated on a hard, uncarpeted and even surface, to avoid the panels moving apart during operation, which can lead to LED's turning off during use. Please also ensure that we have clear access into the venue, without any narrow spaces, or doorways and without any staircases or steps. If we do not have clear access there maybe a surcharge of £50-£100 applied to your booking charge. For more information please contact us.


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