Dhol Division

Having well over 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry, has given our team of event organisers have a vast array of knowledge to help create the perfect wedding for many couples. We ensure we offer our clients competitive prices without losing any quality in service and ensuring our clients receive total professionalism.

We understand how stressful planning your joyous occasion can be therefore we offer our clients additional support through our events management services. Having performed at and provided the theming for many private and corporate events in the UK and abroad, 2L Entertainments offer our clients that much needed assistance when planning the perfect event.

In a multicultural society our events management team will work with you to meet all of your specific cultural requirements whether traditional or modern. We aim to cater for all cultures from Asian to Western and mixed cultural marriages.

We continuously update our state of the art technology and currently provide our services to many other events companies and DJ Roadshows.

Our exclusively selected team of experienced Asian DJ's are renowned worldwide and play from various genres of music such as Bollywood, Bhangra, Gurba, Dance, RNB, Garage, Bashment and many more...

Our elite team of dhol players (drummers), known as Dhol Division have over 10 years of experience and provide a entertaining service, where guests not only hear, but feel the beats, bring the event to life.

The 2L Entertainments reputation is built on trust and punctuality. Our experience is a key factor that helps us provide a professional service.

We work with many professionals from dance groups to singers and can help our clients locate the perfects acts and entertainers for their events.



Dhol Division

Our dhol players have well over 10 years of experience and offer our clients a truely professional and entertaining performances.

The drummers can wear maroon or gold sherwanis or traditional bhangra style outfits. We use top quality drums, that not only look but sound great.

We offer solo or group performances with a mix of freestyle and routine based performances. Our drummers can also play along to one of our backing mixtapes, which are available in various genres of music.


2L DJs

We have DJs who specialise in all mainstream genres from Bhangra, Bollywood, Hip Hop, RNB, Dance, House, Grime & Dubstep.

2L DJs have built a well recognised brand, which has allowed us to work alongside artists such as The Game, Jay Sean, Daljit Mattu, Jaswinder Daghamia and many more...

Our award winning DJs offer thrilling entertainment for all ages, ensuring all guests have an enjoyable time.

Not only have we enjoyed performing for the crowds in the UK, our DJs have also performed at events abroad in hot spots around the globe.

For more information, visit www.2LDJs.com


Bhangra Mascots

A truley unqiue comedy act designed to interact and entertain. This unique and original comedy act can give any event that extra spark!

For more information, visit www.bhangramascots.com


2L Productions

Our team of music technicians work with a variety of artists and musicians. We offer music production for a variety of genres in the UK and abroad. The main genres we work with are Bhangra, Bollywood, House, Dance, Hip Hop, RNB, Dubstep and Grime.

Our production and recording studios are based in Wolverhampton and Leeds, which are also available for hire to other artists.

If your looking to create a personal touch, we can also produce your very own personalised entrance theme song and also record your vocals if you wish.


2L Photography

Our very own in house photographers have the ability to capture those special moments at your event. Our stunning portfolios have gained the respect of many renowned photographers worldwide.

Our pre-wedding shoots can be taken at our studios or at a location of your choice. We can even produce you a stunning slide show for your event.

We have the ability to produce a variety of prints sizes, story books, roll up banners and welcome displays for your event.

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Our online comedy TV series explores the music industry and takes viewers on tour with us to our events world wide, whilst providing an insight into the music industry.


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